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​new album  2024

​new album  2024

next upcoming gigs

​- 11.05. Sunset Bar Martigny With Tar Pond

- 20.09. Nouveau Monde, Fribourg With

Calcined & Battle Tales


-the vynil Puta dè 2 pata is soon available via our bandcamp

-All our previous release are available in digital format from  May 5. 2024 on all the plateforms via Mtaf Records label

-The live album : Live at Ebull will be released this autumn in vynil format

- We're working on 2 live video clips and a studio video clip to support the band's upcoming release



We are Invouta
Nous sommes Invouta
No chon Invouta
​We are Invouta 

​clip video Toxique





Invouta was founded in 2006 by 3 veterans of the underground scene in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. Many concerts, many adventures, a few line up changes but always in power trio band formation. Influences range from Led Zepplin to Marduk and from The Beatles to Dimmu Borgir, to put it in a nutshell. lyrics in french, Gruyère dialect sprinkled with english and local jargon , about death, hatred, anguish, violence, etc...... all the dark face of humanity.

for 2024, a studio album, a live album, clips and lives........

and new tracks...

full of new adventures in perspective

peace and stay metal 



Invouta fut fondé en 2016 par 3 brisquards de la scène underground du canton de Fribourg. Moultes concerts, moultes aventures, quelques changements de line up, mais toujours en formation power trio, des influences allant de Led Zeppelin à Marduk en passant par les Beatles et Dimmu Borgir, pour faire simple. Textes en français, patoi gruyérien soupoudré d'anglais et de jargon du coin qui parlent de morts, de haine, d'angoisses, de violences, etc..... toutes les facettes noires de l'humain en général.

pour 2024, un album studio, un album live, des clips, et du live........

et des nouvelles compos....... 

pleins de nouvelles aventures en perspective.

​peace and stay metal


line up 2024​

with the support of the canton of Fribourg


​Option Gruyère

​main collaborators for invouta

recording studio, creation visual and more
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cover album.jpg
on grin marthi a ti lé dzin qu'no jon apoyi du le keminhyèmin de chta avantura
vo chédè ki vo j'ithè
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